Swimming MerDog Life Jacket

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ï¸ A mermaid life jacket for dogs that can keep them afloat and safe in the water. ï¸

Swimming MerDog Life Jacket is a SWIMMING VEST made ESPECIALLY for DOGS that FEATURES a BEAUTIFUL MERMAID TAIL that comes out the back of it, an EXTRA CHIN FLOAT PAD that goes under the dogs chin to KEEP their HEAD ABOVE WATER, and a HANDLE on the BACK to QUICKLY and EASILY grab hold of you dog. It has an ADJUSTABLE VELCRO and BUCKLE that CREATES a COMFORTABLE and CUSTOM FIT so you can let your pets SWIM SAFELY and SECURELY without the need to worry.
Swimming MerDog Life Jacket comes with NEW REFLECTIVE STRIPS that MAKES SURE your PET will always be VISIBLE no matter what time of day, it is ALSO PERFECT for NIGHT BOAT TRIPS and SWIMMING. This life jacket is EASY to PUT ON and OFF your DOG. It is FASHIONABLE and TRENDY because of its MERMAID and FISH SKIN design and DOES NOT FADE even with continuous CLEANING and USAGE.
Swimming MerDog Life Jacket comes in different sizes PERFECT for ALL TYPES of DOGS. It is very COMFORTABLE and CONVENIENT that your dogs will start to LOVE the WATER and SWIMMING. This LIFE VEST is perfect if you will bring your dog to swim, hang out in the pool, join kayak adventures, ride along the boat and other water activities.
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